Wasting Energy, Making Pollution, and Throwing Trash in the Street Is Wrong – We All Know That

Not long ago, I got an interesting comment on an environmental article I wrote concerning the “fear factor” purported by global warming alarmists. The comment coming in noted that we should accentuate the positive and not the negative. Right Agreed. False-Fear based scare tactics are not wise, especially when those who purvey such fears do it for less-than-ethical reasons and motives. What is worse is those who blindly follow and refuse to challenge the kings in naked wardrobes.


We should all recycle, re-use, repurpose, and promote wise living without excessive waste, that’s the ethical and right thing to do. We should thus, do that for the right reasons and not be forced to blindly follow some fear driven propaganda campaign. My acquaintance making the comment had some thoughts on the future growing of meat in a laboratory rather than an actual livestock animal. She believed that it made sense to grow the animal because that was the natural way to do it, and I might add that it is also the proper evolutionary way that humans are accustomed too.

If we screw around with nature too much without understanding all the biological processes, which as far as science is concerned, well, we still don’t know completely thus, we should be hesitant about playing modification as if we were gods. Yes, I tend to agree that on the animal waste issue mostly I am concerned with stupid things like shark-fin soup in Asia, what a waste to throw away the rest of the shark like that, what a slap in the face to nature. And I’m not even an environmentalist and am always quick to call out PETA type groups for hypocrisy, but we all know right from wrong. I guess that is at least one of my points.

If we could merely grow the shark fin without killing the shark, we could go a lot farther to preserve the natural food chain in the correct and evolutionary way, if not, we should eat the entire shark and use all of its parts without wasting any of it, as that is more efficient, and it might prevent us from catching other fish, therefore allowing them to repopulate due to our overfishing elsewhere.

Of course, this is only one example, and there are thousands of examples in our daily lives that affect us more personally even if we don’t ever eat Asian style shark fin soup. There are ways to take human waste and use it to create energy, and many uses for the pollution we create to turn it into other energy forms.

In a perfect world (http://www.pepcworldwide.com/), which we don’t live, that would be the ideal situation – we wouldn’t waste anything, everything would be reused, just as nature reuses, repurposes, and eventually recycles everything. You see that point? And remember I’m not an environmentalist. I’m just merely approaching this from an intellectual standpoint. Please consider all this and think on it.

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